• BIO·FICTION auf biotechnologie.tv

    biotechnologie.tv berichtet über BIO·FICTION Beitrag 3: Das Kunst- und Filmfestival Biofiction (ab Min. 6:05) Auch im dritten Beitrag dreht sich alles um die Verbindung von Kunst und Wissenschaft. Beim Biofiction-Festival in Wien Ende Oktober zeigten Performances, Videos und Biohacker Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Synthetischen Biologie auf.

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  • BIO·FICTION winning films

    The BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival (23-25 Oct. 2014), produced by Biofaction KG was celebrated as an interdisciplinary cross-cultural event with art works, performances, live DIYbio demos, and many interesting talks. The BIO·FICTION short film competition with 100 submitted films from 17 countries was one of the highlights of the…

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  • Science Cafe: Die Neuprogrammierung des genetischen Codes

    Im Linzer Kepler Salon fand am 3.11.2014 ein Science Cafe zum Thema ” Neuprogrammierung des genetischen Codes” mit statt. Nach dem Impuslvortrag von Markus Schmidt zu den wissenschafltichen Zielen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen diskutierten die etwa 50 Teilnehmer mit Unterstützung des Moderators Klaus Buttinger (Oberösterreichische Nachrichten) über eine Stunde zum Thema Hoffnungen und…

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  • 2nd Bio-commons meeting in Vienna

    The second Bio-commons meeting is drawing closer. In collaboration with Pavillon 35 and supported by the EC-FP7 SYNENERGENE, we will start on Saturday 25th of October at 11.00 in the cafeteria of the Natural History Museum (NHM) in Vienna (where the BIO·FICTION festival takes place ( https://goo.gl/maps/7g1tP) there will be an additional chance…

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  • BIO·FICTION newsletter #5

    BIO·FICTION 2014: The 2nd international Synthetic Biology Film Festival Amazing Films The final deadline August 31 has passed and we are excited to report that we received exactly 100 film submissions from 17 countries in 4 continents. The submissions include awesome animations, captivating fictions, and brilliant documentaries. Now it’s the film jury’s task to watch and…

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  • SYNPEPTIDE – designing novel antibiotics to fight multi-resistant pathogens

    PRESS RELEASE: Multidrug-resistant strains of microorganisms pose a significant threat to public health. When the first-line antibiotics can no longer help, there have always been the second-line options, at least for the majority of bacterial pathogens. For resistant and multi-resistant pathogens there are reserve antibiotics that are applied sparingly, limited…

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  • Biohacker article in The Economist

    The Economist has published an article about Biohackers, discussing its opportunities, risks and connections to entrepreneurship and art. The article is also based on an interview with Biofaction’s Markus Schmidt. “IT LOOKS like an experimental cooking class as participants taste a green powder, pull faces and then mix it into a…

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  • Systems Toxicology Workshop Beijing

    From October 14-16, 2014, a Systems Toxicology Workshop will be organized in Beijing, China, on ” Developing Mechanistic Understanding of Toxicity Pathways and Establishing Predictive Toxicology for Use in Risk Assessments”. The hosts and organizers of this workshop will be (1) China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) (2) State…

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  • Nordic Committee on Bioethics

    The Nordic Committee on Bioethics will organize a conference about ethical issues in synthetic biology in Tromso, Norway, August 28, 2014.   See program details:   Synthetic Biology; Bioethics and Biosafety Thursday August 28th 2014 | The Arctic University of Norway | AUD. 6, Faculty of Health Sciences 09.30 – 10.00    Registration and…

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