The project has been developed for MYCOSYNVAC.

“Battle for Cattle” is a fun game where you learn everything about diseases, treatment, bacteria and viruses. In the game, the player is confronted with sick farm animals and the problem of antibiotics overuse. The player experiences an increase in antibiotic resistance and learns about the importance and principles of vaccines. The player has to save the lives of cows on a farm and take control over the design of a synthetic biology vaccine.



The project has been developed for BACHBERRY.

In “BerryMaker”, you’re the founder and CEO of a biotech start-up company that produces healthy soft drinks made with synthetic biology technology! You’re going to identify and extract useful genes in berries collected from all over the world, and transfer them to microorganisms that will then produce healthy ingredients for you to use in your soft drink production. As the CEO your aim is to stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge science, deliver an in-demand drink and maximize your quarterly profits!



The project has been developed for SYNMOD.

Plug and play with biology? “SYNMOD” is based on a real scientific project that uses synthetic biology to design new antibiotics. The player can create peptide modules by assembling amino acids, combine and test these peptide modules in a slot machine and discover antibiotic substances to kill some nasty bugs.