Supporting creative and critical collaborations

Art and science represent the peaks of human ingenuity. For decades, if not centuries, however, their pathways were moving away from each other, with the arts focusing on the subjective experience and science attempting to become ever more objective with further disciplinary specialization. The global challenges of the 21st century make it clear that we need to embrace subjective as well as objective dimensions in order to fully grasp the situation and to find solutions. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to bring together the fields of art and science in the hope of sparking the beginning of a new approach and of enabling a more humane form of technology.

We enable and support collaborations between artists and scientists on equal footing in order to facilitate an open-minded reflection on the societal ramifications of novel technologies. Typically, the artist will spend several weeks in the laboratory of a scientist fully immersed and draw on this experience as inspiration for the artwork. 

The science art film festival BIO·FICTION is our flag ship event. Since 2011, we have hosted three major editions with over 50 tour events on all continents, blending documentaries, science fiction, science and art. The film catalogue focuses on topics such as synthetic biology or neurotechnology and serves as great stimulus for discussions and conversations about these transformative technologies.

We have produced exhibits for major international museums transforming scientific research into an approachable and interactive format.  We have covered a wide range of topics from new plant breeding technologies to terraforming, allowing citizens and, especially, children to learn about and reflect on cutting-edge research.  

Public exhibitions require a careful curation of artists and their work. With our long standing interest and involvement in the fields of art and science, we are in the position to produce custom-made curatorial selections for art and design exhibitions related to various scientific topics.