The high levels of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere lead to a rapid rise of Earth‘s average temperature, causing a global urgency. There are numerous concepts of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), where the CO2 is mainly captured from industrial sources. “Carbon Futures” is an interactive installation, that demonstrates ways of handling CO2. The piece is created a playful and entertaining communication tool for EFORFUEL, a Carbon Capture and Utilization project.

“Carbon Futures” is an interactive work with an explorative approach to the complex systems that humans are designing in order to reduce our carbon footprint. The installation showcases alternative scenarios of dealing with carbon based on real research examples.

The exhibition piece provides a glimpse into four CCS and CCU strategies:

  1. Carbon Capture and Storage – taking Carbon and storing it underground;
  2. Carbon Curing – using Carbon to make a new, stronger type of cement;
  3. Food and Drinks – using Carbon for fizzy drinks or packaging;
  4. Recycled Carbon Fuels – using CO2 and bacteria to make jet fuels. 


“Carbon Futures” gives an insight into current complex trends of mitigating climate change and an overview of the big impact industry and our lifestyle has on our environment. By examining the different steps and institutions, which are part of each process, visitors can grasp how each decision taken has an impact on the environmental future.




Visitors are invited to explore different carbon futures by finding the right components necessary for each strategy. Every step of each CCS and CCU technology is visualized by a simple building element. In depth information about the different elements can be found on an interactive screen with accompanying questions which invite visitors to think critically about these scenarios and their consequences.




In “Carbon Futures” the Carbon Capture approaches are powered by five low-carbon energy options. By keeping the energy source of each scenario flexible, we want to encourage visitors to choose between different energy supplies and therefore think about the consequences of their decisions. 


“Carbon Futures” has been produced for Museon, a museum of science and culture based in The Hague (The Netherlands) boasting over 200.000+ visitors per year, of which around 50.000 are school children. The installation is right now in their permanent exhibition “One Planet”, which challenges visitors to learn about current global issues – with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a starting point – and the search for solutions. More information about the permanent exhibition can be accessed here


Another edition of “Carbon Futures” is currently in the “Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency” show of Science Gallery Detroit. Science Gallery Detroit is one of the eight galleries located in Europe, Asia and America who are members of the acclaimed international group of public science centers. The exhibition is open from September to December 2020. For details and further information about the exhibition and “Carbon Futures”, visit the Science Gallery website.


If you are interested in hosting “Carbon Futures” at your museum, gallery, fair etc.  to generate a higher impact in terms of public communication, please contact us here.


Eforfuel has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 763911.