“Battle for Cattle” is a fun game where players learn everything about diseases, treatment, bacteria and viruses. The game is designed specifically for children’s education in vaccines and synthetic biology. For accompanying Battle for Cattle in schools, we also created an open source educational package, which is available on the game’s website.

Using our game and the educational package, we organised several workshop formats to be able to interact with children from various age groups. 

Here is a selection of workshops:

Wissens°raum / Vienna, Austria

Together with our Viennese partner Wissens°raum from the Austrian Science Center Netzwerk, we organized an event for Battle for Cattle on Saturday, 14.12.2019. Wissens°raum is an amazing space for trying, tinkering and research. Kids alone or with their parents came by and we spent the day there together with kids, while they tried out our science game and learnt about the science behind it.

Open Day of Barcelona Biomedical Research Park / Barcelona, Spain

We presented our game at Barcelona Biomedical Research Park as a part of their Open Day program. Visitors had the chance to try the game for themselves at our booth!

Science Weekend / Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

We held a demo event at the Science Weekend in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Visitors played Battle for Cattle at the Dairy Campus!

Classroom Session / Vienna, Austria

We ran a classroom session in Vienna and used our educational package that was developed for accompanying Battle for Cattle in schools. The classroom session was in Piaristengymnasium with high schools students in their biology class.

Game Days 2020 / Online

We showcased Battle for Cattle at GameDays 2020, an international conference on serious games! The event, organised by TU Darmstadt, was held online and it had a full program with a workshop, a panel discussion and a virtual tour through the WTT Serious Games Showroom.