Making complex ideas accessible

Audiovisual content is still one of the most versatile tools for communication. It can be adapted and distributed in many different ways and across media. Video clips can serve as eye-catchers, induce emotions, as well as easily explain and illustrate things that otherwise would require much longer attention spans.

There are those things you cannot film, there are those processes you cannot describe with words, those abstract thoughts and things that need to be  shown in order to be understood. In many cases, animations and animated cartoons can help. They can make the abstract concrete, the unseen seen, the grey colourful.
Biofaction can provide animations in many different looks and using different techniques.

Drawing the big picture, providing deeper insights, showing real people and events, creating a portrait to last and to be seen – maybe in a distant place or at a distant point in time.
Producing a documentary often makes sense when there is something happening, when something begins or ends that is worth watching – now and especially later.

Biofaction offers media training and workshops – often tailored specifically to young scientists, helping them move beyond the complex and specific terminology of their field and present their work confidently and understandably. Part of the training frequently includes the creation of a video presentation – giving the trainees feedback about their appearance and presentation style, as well as resulting in a short clip that they can later use to show off their work.

Beside our commercial activities, Biofaction supports artists and their projects, especially in the field of contemporary music.

Video can be streamed from every notebook or mobile device today, and since the pandemic we all know each other’s living rooms. From time to time, it may be better to broadcast a meeting or conference on a high technical level that does leave the handmade look of today’s zoom conferences behind. Biofaction can offer you a multi-camera set up that meets broadcasting standards. We can provide the whole package, from audio to light to video mixing and streaming equipment.