Keeping track of a diversifying media ecosystem

Integrated communication has never been more important. With an expanding digital content ecosystem the number of communication channels are diversifying to reach an organisation’s customers, employees, partners, shareholders and communities.

We help businesses and other organisations to implement and deploy integrated communication in order to deliver a consistent message across digital and analog communication channels. We support customers and collaboration partners in defining what they would like to communicate, to whom, and how. We assist in choosing the right channels to engage with the target audience, establish trust, and leave a lasting impression.

Our film and video production unit has a unique track record in creatively converting complex information to understandable and entertaining short films for a large audience.

Despite the increasing number of digital alternatives, there still lies a great advantage and opportunity in directly engaging with your target audience. Whether it is a museum exhibition, a film festival, a science or industry fair, a participatory citizen engagement event or a focus group, we design, plan and execute public events creatively and effectively.

We develop interactive exhibition pieces that explore ongoing science projects and their societal, ethical and environmental ramifications. Our exhibits have been on display in various science museums and at art & design events.

We design and create websites to attract target audience’s attention, ranging from simple static to complex dynamic pages.  We also design and produce content for several social media platforms tailored to meet each project’s specific communication objectives.

The aesthetic appearance of your website, slide presentation or video is just as important as your content. We develop and produce unique graphic design solutions, infographics, logos, and even characters for your animated short films. 

Serious games offer a great opportunity to communicate with your target audience in an informative yet entertaining manner. Whether analog or digital games e.g. for mobile phones, we design and create games from start to finish.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. With a well defined communication plan we specify: WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN, leading to clear communication objectives, target audience, tools and activities, and timing.