As part of the second BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival, Biofaction organized a  trans-disciplinary symposium. It was set in Vienna’s beautiful Museum of Natural History and featured a program of presentations and discussion groups, which explored, amongst other topics, bioengineering, bioart, ethics, responsible research and innovation, intellectual property, entrepreneurship as well as do-it-yourself biology. Tying into a Bio-Commons event held after BIO·FICTION ended, the festival offered a highlight on DIY-Bio groups and their projects with interactive demonstrations: 

Grow Your Ink

by La Pailasse, and presented by Thomas Landrain


by a London collective, and presented by Philip Boeing


by London Biohackspace, and presented by Ilya Levantis


by Waag Society, and presented by Pieter van Boheemen


by Pavillon 35, presented by Günter Seyfried, Lucas Czjzek, Niki Passath