This is something new and different for us: We’ve published our first art-science booklet! It’s called “The Art of Antibiotics” and it documents the artist in residency program within the EC FP7 funded project SYNPEPTIDE, which aimed to design and test novel types of antimicrobial peptides.

The residency program hosted Sarah Craske in Switzerland in Sven Panke’s lab at ETHZ Basel and Eduardo Miranda in Germany at the University of Regensburg in Ralf Wagner’s lab.

Sarah and Eduardo developed their own artistic approaches and topics during their 6 week plus residencies in the lab and continued their work after. For updates on where their work will be shown, keep an eye on:

We were very satisfied with the residencies and decided to compile a report that would document not just our artists’ experiences with the project, but also the scientists’ experience with artists spending time in the lab.

And what was the result? Well, here’s the blurb we wrote on the back cover:

“A synthetic peptide version of the age-old remedy Theriak. A Turing machine inspired process that transforms DNA into music. Sarah Craske and Eduardo Miranda approach the antimicrobial resistance crisis from completely novel perspectives by venturing into the science lab in the scope of SYNPEPTIDE project’s art-science collaboration on synthetic antibiotics. By administering medicine to a city (map) and via the sonification of medicines, their creations open up new vistas.”

Here are all the places, where you can purchase it:

Amazon: Hardcover / Softcover

Thalia: Hardcover / Softcover

Morawa: Hardcover / Softcover / e-Book