Our ongoing FWF funded project Futurebody was featured in the current issue of lookKIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s Magazine for Research, Teaching and Innovation! The project explores future interactions of humans and machines through the expanding developments in the field of neurotechnology.

LookKit conducted an interesting interview with Christopher Coenen, the project leader of Futurebody. The conversation gives a deeper insight into the current themes Coenen and his team are investigating.

The impact on society of the merging of body and technology, deep brain stimulation implants, and the role of neurotechnology in the development of smart limb prostheses are some topics that the interview touches on.

Dipl.­Pol. Christopher Coenen, Head of the FUTUREBODY project and political scientist at ITAS

You can read the full interview in German, as well as a detailed summary of the interview in English, here: lookKIT – technology, impacts and visions.

If you want to know more about Futurebody, you can find our project description here.