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WWVIEWS Master India from Biofaction on Vimeo.

Presentations of results from the World Wide Views on Biodiversity project.


WWVIEWS on Biodiversity EN 1 Intro from Biofaction on Vimeo.

Produced for the World Wide Views on Biodiversity (WWViews) project, an international citizens consultation project about biodiversity protection, the videos provide balanced information about biodiversity and related policy options for the 3000+ WWViews participants.


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The bioart documentary presents the growing art community that got inoculated by biotechnology, producing living and semi-living artefacts (biofacts). Biofaction is credited for seeding the initial idea of this documentary, which came out of the exhibition “synth-ethic“. We assisted director Robert Styblo and producers (Styblo TV, ORF, ARTE) on several occasions during the production process (scientific advice, art-science networking, post-prodution). The film was aired at Austrian TV station ORF 2 on October 31st 2011, and will be shown on ARTE this fall.

Bio-Art documentary Trailer from Biofaction on Vimeo.

Here is another example of our work, a short animated film we have done for the scientific project SYNMOD, that searches for novel synthetic antibiotics. “Lame antibiotics are in fear of the superbug. How will we react in the face of the microbial superwarriors? Will the bugs take over or will we come up with novel antibiotics not found in nature? The SYNMOD Research Team has taken up this challenge. Their mission is complicated, but impossible is nothing…

The SYNMOD Team from Biofaction on Vimeo.

The following video shows a summary of the art-science exhibition synth-ethic that was opened during the Bio:Fiction Science, Art and Film Festival in Vienna in May 2011.

Synth-Ethic trailer remastered from Biofaction on Vimeo.