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Plug and play with biology?  SYNMOD is based on a real scientific project that uses synthetic biology to design new antibiotics. Now, with this app you can join us to:

-> create peptide modules by assembling amino acids 
-> combine and test these peptide modules in a slot machine
-> discover antibiotic substances to kill some nasty bugs  

Know your Amino-Acids

Click on the images below for more infos about the individual amino acids:

 Alanine Arginine  Asparagine Aspartic acid
synmod-alt-17 synmod-alt-22 synmod-alt-23 synmod-alt-24
 Cysteine Glutamine Glutamic acid Glycine
synmod-alt-25 synmod-alt-06 synmod-alt-28 synmod-alt-07
 Histidine  Isoleucine  Leucine  Lysine
synmod-alt-08 synmod-alt-09 synmod-alt-10 synmod-alt-11
 Methionine  Phenylalanine  Proline  Serine
synmod-alt-12 synmod-alt-13 synmod-alt-14 synmod-alt-15
Threonine Tryptophan  Tyrosine Valine
synmod-alt-18 synmod-alt-19 synmod-alt-20 synmod-alt-21
Only in connection with Sulfur-bridges:  2-Aminobutyric acid  Dehydro-butyrine Dehydro-alanine 
Schwefel synmod-alt-05 synmod-alt-26 synmod-alt-27


Watch the SYNMOD video

The Synmod Team – Creating Antibiotics from Biofaction on Vimeo.


Credits: Idea, scientific and didactic concept, execution: Biofaction; Camillo Meinhart, Markus Schmidt


Funding: European Science Foundation (ESF) und Austrian Science Fund (FWF)


Programmer: Modern-Alchemists

Sound: Moritz Wallmüller