Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-15 um 14.55.26A high school package produced by Biofaction is now available at the European Schoolnet website, the biggest repository of educational materials in Europe. The package is aimed to teach elements of Biology, Biochemistry and Synthetic Biology to 15-19 years old students. The information in the package explains the difference between bacteria and viruses, where antibiotic resistance is coming from, and a way to overcome it by creating novel antibiotics using synthetic biology. It also provides information about amino acids and protein structure. The package contains a lesson plan, a class presentation, additional materials for teachers, a crossword and of course a link to download the SYNMOD game. It can be downloaded for free and is made available for the wide audience of European educators, teachers and high school students, and is available in German and English.

The European Schoolnet educational network was created in 1997 with the aim to provide services in the development, testing and validation of educational materials. Since then it became one of the main European organizations that support the open educational resources movement. It collaborates with numerous stakeholders across Europe such as schools, ministries of education, national educational centres, NGOs and private organizations.

See SYNMOD high school package at the European Schoolnet website!

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