Join us tomorrow at the MycoSynVac Science café on “Synthetic biology vaccine engineering and its societal implications” during the Synenergene Forum 2016 Saturday June 25th. The event will be held at the NEMO Science Centre in Amsterdam (Theater, floor 2), from 13:00- 14:15.

Mycoplasma is virtually resistant to all antibiotic interventions, and is currently causing problems in the livestock industry around the globe. MYCOSYNVAC is a European project devoted to combatting Mycoplasma by re-engineering the microorganism itself through synthetic biology. The project also goes beyond the technical, to address societal and ethical dimensions as well. The purpose of this science café is to present the role of synthetic biology in animal vaccine development in an interactive manner. It will engage the public and scientists – on an equal footing – to encourage questions, opinions, hopes and concerns.

Entry is free of Charge!