DIYBio_euBiotechnology is no longer the unique realm of traditional venues such as university or industry labs. In recent years a growing number of Do-it-yourself Biology (DIY-Bio) groups established themselves in Europe. On pages 548–551 of the June 2014 Bioessays issue, we analyze the DIYBio community in Europe and provide an insight into the structure, challenges and aspirations of amateur biologist. In contrast to the hope (next generation of entrepreneurs), hype (regarding their technical skills), or horror (safety and security risks) usually ascribed to DIYBio, the authors reveal a realistic assessment of a small dedicated core group of semi-professionals trying to establish an open access version of biotechnology.


Download: Seyfried G, Pei L, Schmidt M. 2014. European Do-it-yourself (DIY) Biology: beyond the hope, hype and horrorBioEssays. Vol. 36(6)