Art-science: Pavillon 35

The Bioart-Club Pavillon 35 is a collaborative place for artists, scientists and the public, in the fields of fine art and molecular biology.

The aim of Pavillon 35 is to enable an exchange of ideas, expertise and practices between biologists, social scientists and artists. The interdisciplinary collaboration allows for theoretical reflections about the practices in biology and art, and its societal ramifications but also provides the means for hands-on laboratory activities for artists and other biotechnology newcomers. Pavillon 35 is also the Viennese nod of the European Do-it-yourself Biology Network.

With the help of the supporting organizations, Pavillon 35 supports artists and scientists to concretize and realize projects in the tense field of art and molecular biology.

More about Pavillon 35

Video on first exhibition Nature Animée (in German)

Pavillon 35 is supported by

  • University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Biofaction
  • Open Science
  • FH Campus Wien Molekulare Biotechnologie



Posted on

November 7, 2012