Paris-METACODEBiofaction is very excited to host the “Metafood, Metacode, Metalife” workshop together with the iGEM Paris Bettencourt Team at the Centre Recherches Interdisciplinaires in Paris for their NightScience Event.
The topic of this year’s NightScience Event is “Equitable Access to Scientific Research and Education”, which includes such themes as Open Science, Low Cost Technologies and Frugal Innovation.
“Metafood, Metacode, Metalife” will occur on Sat. 11th from 1pm to 5pm. It will explore NightScience’s theme by drawing on two different cases within synthetic biology: the iGEM team will present their project which deals with fermented dishes and nutrition, and will host a cooking workshop. Dr. Pierre-Yves Bourguignon from Isthmus Sarl will talk about the 4 year long European FP7 xenobiology project Metacode. By drawing on this and other projects as examples, he will discuss how and to what extent these new technologies can be emulated in a low-cost or perhaps even DIY context.