Making_Life Exhibition

The exhibition took place in Helsinki, Finland, at Lasipalatsi Näyttely and presented artistic responses and prototypes as a first result of Making_Life. Five different groups composed from the workshop participants tested approaches for a critical cultural perception of synthetic biologyThe exhibition also included a selection of videos from the BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival that took place last November in Vienna/ Austria and which is a collaborator of the Finnish Society of Bioart. More on the MAKING_Life project here.

Markus Schmidt was part of the group that presented STARBEASTS – An Interstellar Zeitgeber (time-giver). More here!

About Making_Life

Making_Life is an activity by the Finnish Society of Bioart in collaboration with Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts – Aalto University Finland within the SYNENERGENE EC Project. Take a look at their website here.

is a series of three consecutive work periods over the course of 12 months. The first period took take place between 22nd – 27th of May 2014, the second took place in November 2014, and the third took place in May 2015, again in Helsinki.

The goal of Making_Life is to enable practitioners to critically and in an informed manner, engage with the socio-cultural, political and ethical ramifications of synthetic biology through art. Having selected a group of international multidisciplinary participants composed of artists, designers, engineers, scientists and students who cooperate within this bottom-up devised program. The methods shift from workshops, laboratory sessions and field trips, to forums, seminars and lectures. It  comprises theoretical as well as hands on approaches. The first and second work period covered the introduction to synthetic biology, its sciences and technologies, the work on associated questions in art, ecology, ethics and politics and practical experience in the laboratory and with experiments. The third work period produced prototypes for artworks.


Image: Starbeasts – An Interstellar Zeitgeber. More infos in our News section.


Part of the Synenergene project


Funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union