We’re excited to tell you that we’ve kicked off a new project this summer: FUTUREBODY: The Future of the Body in the Light of Neurotechnology. This is an EU ERANET NEURON project in collaboration with KIT-ITAS (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), University of Freiburg and University of Calgary. The 3 year long FUTUREBODY deals with emerging neurotechnologies (NTs) and how they increasingly fuse humans and machines. Exploring these intersections, the project aims to raise some questions such as: How do the creators of such technologies deal with ethics and responsible innovation? What social or cultural changes do they want to trigger? What are the changes to the human body and physical experience?

FUTUREBODY is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), project number I 3752-B27.

Biofaction will look at how artists, designers as well as open source and hacker communities deal with the possibilities that NTs present them with. We’re excited to find out what type of current practices, ideas, innovations and applications creative communities come up with – as well as what visions of the future they foster.



Biofaction will organize a third edition of the BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival. The festival will, unsurprisingly, deal with the theme “FUTURE BODY” and how new technologies, such as neurotechnology and synthetic biology, could alter humans, other organisms or even entire ecosystems. We want to explore how invasive and non-invasive neurotechnologies, brain-computer-interfaces, wearables, and transplants, but also redesigned genes, cells, tissues, organs and ecosystems will re-shape the bodies of the future. Since we’re adding a new theme to our festival, we’ve relaunched the websiteYou can refresh your memories of our past festivals, as well as find some information about the upcoming one.