BFThe first three sessions from the BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival are now available online. The remaining sessions will be uploaded soon.


Homo Faber

Watch the talks of the first BIO·FICTION session Homo faber: Engineering life from October 23rd, 2014. Presentations by Christopher COENEN, Vitor MARTINS DOS SANTOS, Nediljko BUDISA, Uwe SLEYTR and Philippe MARLIERE. Watch here

Homo Aestheticus

The second BIO·FICTION session Homo aestheticus: Life as a medium for artistic expression from October 23rd, 2014 is now also online. Presentations by Jens HAUSER, Richard PELL, Herwig WEISER, Erich BERGER and Anna DUMITRIU. Watch here

Homo Societatis

The third BIO·FICTION session Homo societatis: Responsible Research and Innovation from October 24th is also available. Presentations by Sheref MANSY, Virgil RERIMASSIE, Erwin RICHTER, Karen KASTENHOFER and Jordi MAISO. Watch here