2019 has been a busy year with many interesting events. One of the past events that we would like to highlight is our collaboration with Dr. Eva Stöger from the Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology from BOKU. We took part at the Fascination of Plants Day and presented our EU funded project Newcotiana together, from a scientific and an artistic point of view.

We reiterated our exhibition Plant Designer, which we had created for London Design Festival 2018. We combined our speculative props and posters with some hands-on lab experiments.

On the one hand visitors had the opportunity to get to know the project Newcotiana in detail and interact with it thorough artistic medium. On the other hand visitors experimented with tobacco plants under the guidance of scientists, who are working on this project.

Apart from the interest of the visitors, our work got attention from the press as well. Cornelia Groben wrote an article in “die Presse” about the use of tobacco plants in genetic engineering mentioning Newcotiana and our exhibit for Fascination of Plants Day.