We are happy to let you know about our new project, eForFuel. eForFuel develops an industrial biotechnology solution that uses electricity and microorganisms to convert COinto hydrocarbon fuels, thus providing a sustainable replacement of fossil carbons.

For biorefineries to displace fossil fuels, a sustainable feedstock for microbial growth must be identified. As agricultural production of sugars has a limited capacity, it cannot completely replace fossil fuels without severely undermining food security and decreasing biodiversity. In order to overcome this problem, the project aims to open ways of utilizing resources that are essentially unlimited and that are independent of agricultural or forestry land use. In the following infographic we show the steps along the way of this process, and imply our hope that this could lead to a closed COcircuit.

The eForFuel consortium is composed of a truly interdisciplinary team with 14 Partners from 9 different countries around Europe. The project is funded by the EU for the next 4 years with around 4 millions. Biofaction’s contribution to eForFuel is twofold: Understanding and addressing the perceptions of the public and of stakeholders on the one hand, and multi-channel public communication on the other hand.


We’ve lauched the project website recently. Why don’t you stop by and have a look around: www.eforfuel.eu

Additionally, we’ve set up our project’s Twitter account and have been slowly starting to tweet, including job opportunities for the consortium – so it might be worth your while to keep an eye on the Twitter account! We’ll keep you up to date over here: @eForFuel



eForFuel has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 763911.