The Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT), University of Southern Denmark – in collaboration with Biofaction-  is inviting an artist in residence for up to six weeks during 2015. The two-part residency will start in the spring and conclude in the summer/fall of 2015. As an artist in residence, you will actively engage with the scientists while working on a Synthetic Biology related artwork. There is no prior definition of, nor restriction to, specific genres and we welcome applications from artists, designers, writers, biohackers, or other cultural practitioners.

The stipend of a total of up to 7200 € is provided by the EU research project SYNENERGENE (Responsible Research and Innovation in Synthetic Biology), executed by the FLinT Center (University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark) and Biofaction (Vienna, Austria). It covers travel and local expenses, living allowance as well as partial support for the production and showcasing of the artistic prototype or finished work.


This residency program is established:

  • to explore arts or alternative cultural practice’s potential with regards to the visions, challenges, philosophical, aesthetic, and ethical aspects of bottom-up Synthetic Biology, such as protocells research;
  • to add a complementary outside-the-box perspective to bottom-up SynBio, its societal ramifications and cultural aspects;
  • to help envision the potential long-term changes bottom-up SynBio might bring to society.

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