BIO·FICTION 2014: The 2nd international Synthetic Biology Film Festival



Amazing Films

The final deadline August 31 has passed and we are excited to report that we received exactly 100 film submissions from 17 countries in 4 continents. The submissions include awesome animations, captivating fictions, and brilliant documentaries. Now it’s the film jury’s task to watch and judge, to identify the award winning short films.  
Preliminary Program

We have confirmed 35+ speakers: scientists, social scientists, DIYbio, artists, film makers and performers. See list for more details.

Here is a sneak preview of the preliminary program:
Thursday 23th Oct. 2014
– Homo faber: engineering life
– Homo aestheticus: life as medium for artistic expression
– Film screening part I
– Art performance (separate registration required, 80 max)

Friday 24th Oct. 2014
– Homo societatis: responsible research and innovation
– Homo communis: do-it-yourself biology
– Homo oeconomicus: innovation as rational behaviour?
– Homo patiens: the antibiotic resistance threat
– Homo culturalis: science in film
– Artwork presentation
– Film screening part II

Saturday 25th Oct. 2014
– Film screening part III
– Homo ludens: playing with life, seriously
– Homo reciprocans: bio-commons and intellectual property
– GALA Bio-fiction Film Awards. (separate registration required, 250 max)

Following the October Festival in Vienna, we will send the BIO·FICTION films on tour around the world. If you are keen to organize a BIO·FICTION Film Festival in your home town, get in touch with us!

Visit to find more detailed information on the BIO·FICTION festival. The shortlisted and awarded films will be presented between October 23-25, 2014, at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria.