The BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival Tour had a stop over in Berlin, September 2, 2022. The Tour Event was embedded in the meeting: The Future of the Technological Human Body in Light of Its Present & Past at TU Berlin.

FUTUREBODY: The Gathering
(registration only)
Sessions consist of a panel (20-25 minutes) in which the panelists comment on the topic of the session from their diverse professional or private perspectives, and a plenary discussion (20-25 minutes).
10am: Welcome
10:15am: Uses of neurotechnologies and visions of human enhancement (Session 1, including a panel with Katharina Dermühl, Melike Şahinol and Thomas Stieglitz; chaired by Wenzel Mehnert)
11:00am: Break
11:15am: The present & future of living with prostheses (Session 2, including a panel with Martina Baumann, Lena-Marie Broszeit and Toni Garbe; chaired by Sabine Ammon)
Noon: Lunch, exhibits, interactions (with contributions by Eva-Maria Kraft, Laurens Landeweerd, Anastasia Osoianu, Reto Schölly, and others)
1:30pm: Transformations – Body, mind, technology (Session 3, including a panel with Vera Borrmann, Andreas Coenen and Eva-Maria Kraft; chaired by Maria Maia)
2:15pm: Cyborg practices and law (Session 4, brought to us by Cyborgs e.V. and including a panel with Katrin Kirchert, Enno Park and Elle Nerdinger)
3pm: Break
3:15pm: Body and mind – or not? (Session 5; including a panel with Christian Herff, Thomas Michatsch and Oliver Müller; chaired by Christopher Coenen)
4pm: Is all technology assistive? (Session 6, including a panel with Laurens Landeweerd, Djamal Okoko and Gregor Wolbring; chaired by Oliver Müller)
4:45pm: Closing remarks

BIO·FICTION Film Festival on Tour
(open to the public without registration)
5:30pm: Film screening
6:45pm: Panel with Sabine Ammon, Wenzel Mehnert (chair), Thomas Stieglitz and Sandra Youssef
7:15pm: Questions from the audience and answers by the panelists