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The second Bio-commons meeting is drawing closer. In collaboration with Pavillon 35 and supported by the EC-FP7 SYNENERGENE, we will start on Saturday 25th of October at 11.00 in the cafeteria of the Natural History Museum (NHM) in Vienna (where the BIO·FICTION festival takes place ( there will be an additional chance to discuss certain aspects of Biostrike with Nadine Bongaerts in the Hello Tomorrow Workshop.

In the afternoon, also at the BIO·FICTION festival in the NHM, there will be the Homo reciprocans: bio-commons and intellectual property session, with a presentation of the Bio-coommons whitepaper and the results from the first Biocommons conference in Helsinki.

In the evening there is the BIO·FICTION Gala event on Saturday starting 19:30, which includes a free buffet dinner, but you need to register so we know how many will attend:

On Sunday 26.10.2014 we meet at AIL

10.00 Introduction Biostrike project by Pieter van Boheemen

11.00 Report on progress Rüdiger Trojok
Report on kits already available
Report on the blockchain technologies

12.30 – 13.00 Short lunch break

13.00  ‘Biohack the Economy’  by Raphael Kim

13.30  Discussion Biostrike
14.00  Workshop Biostrike

  • setting up a research program discussing technologies and structures
  • knowledge generation – what do we search and how – protocols for monitoring antibiotics resistance sprad and protocols to find new antimicrobials
  • knowledge handling – software solutions to collect, analyze and organize scientific data
  • legal matters
  • organizational matters

17.00 ‘BioStrike: leveraging distributed research governance to create a long-term value supply chain of pharmaceutical drugs’ by Eugenio Battaglia

17.40 Workshop licenses

On Monday 27.10.2014 we meet again at AIL

11.00  ‘The Subjugation of Nature’ / ‘The Point of Departure’ Jayden Hastings presentation

12.00  ‘Beeotex’ Andreas Stürmer presentation
13.00  ‘Kilobaser’ Alexander Murer presentation

14.00   Bethan Wolfenden presentation

15.00  ‘Biological design and experiences from a diybio workshop at a sociology conference’ Malthe Borch presentation


16.00 Discussion webpage relaunch